Saturday, January 10, 2009

Adding Google sitemap to blog account - Example

You can now add Google sitemap to your account and increase your chances of being indexed in Google search engine result. You can add a Sitemap to your account to give Google more information about the pages in your site to help Google crawl them more effectively.

Step # 1: Login to sitemap account

At the top of screen you will see option to add site. Just paste URL of your blog (for example or

Click on Ok button. Next you will get confirmation message. Your site has been added to your account.

Step # 2: Now you need to verify your ownership of blog to view detailed statistics. Click on verify link. Google offers two methods of verification. You can either upload an HTML file with a name we specify (which is not possible with Google Blogger account), or you can add a META tag to your site's index file. Adding META tag via template code is possible so just select Add a META tag from drop down menu:

It will generate code for you, copy the meta tag and paste it into your template section).

Step # 3: Go to your and login to your account. Goto your blog > Click on Template Paste the META tag code after section:


Click on Save Template changes button

Click on Republish Index only button > Wait for few seconds so that your blog being published successfully.

Step # 4: Now goto sitemap account and click the box that read as follows:

I've added the META tag in the home page of or Click on Verify button.

Step # 5: Now your site is added to sitemap account and verification is done. Next you need to add actual sitemap url. allow you to create a text file or anything else you need to add your site feed (ATOM xml) file as a site map. Click on add a sitemap link:

Step # 6: You can add a Sitemap to your account to provide Google additional information about about your blog. Google will process your Sitemap and provide information on any errors in the Sitemaps tab as well your sitemap will be downloaded everyday to index your blog fast.

Paste url of your Atom feed: For example or and click on Add Web sitemap:

Note: many tuturials says to put or but does not work, put or

You will get confirmation:
You have added a Sitemap to or

Suppose you have a site called The sitemap for this site would be: or meaning simply append atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=100 to your blog URL in Google Webmaster Tools > Sitemaps > Add Sitemap.

Food for the thinking mind: If you don’t include redirect=false, webmaster tools will throwwarning. If you don’t include start-index=1&max-results=100, the maximum number of URLs submitted will be shown as 26, always. Remember if you have more than 100 pages on your blogspot site, you would need to include two sitemaps one having an index starting with 1 and ending with 100(start-index=1&max-results=100) and the other having an index starting with 100 and ending with 200(start-index=100&max-results=200
Reports may take several hours to update. Thank you for your patience!
based on: and


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